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Hi, ladies, if you like me are a lover of Qhemet Biologics products and are a South Floridian, please visit B-True Organics in Hollywood, FL on July 24th, 2010, Sautrday. They are going to have a Qhemet Expo. Product discussion, demonstration and FREE GIVEAWAYS OF PRODUCT.

It's a great time for us to get together to voice our opinions, likes and dislikes on our Qhemet products.

My reason for advertising this is because I love the current product from Qhemet I purchased at B-True Organics. I was met with a warm and friendly personality from Carleen, who is the owner and we vibed about discussing our natural hair journeys.

I will definitley say, this product works and my hair has never been this soft. I'm glad I tried QB.

Spread the word, ladies!

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    I love Qhemets, but am in New York! My hair is very soft too...I am using AOHC and BRBC. What are you using?
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