Sooo I started pooing....

and the weirdest thing happened. My hair has been curlier! I'm very confused. I've been on CG (modified) for over a year and strictly for the past month, but I recently straightened and used a product with cones, so I had to poo it out. Also I'm trying to poo out the color in my hair, and have been using HE Set me up (which I think has been drying my hair out a little)..Overall I think the drying out of my hair is not a bad thing. It is not as soft, but it is curlier! Is it possible that I just needed a few days of pooing to clarify my hair? Have I been over conditioning? My hair doesn't feel or look greasy when on CG...I don't know.. Any ideas?
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    Mine does that too. I use a gentle poo a couple of times a week now and my hair seems pretty happy. I think most have to modify.
    Conditioning daily without any poo makes my hair weighed down and I think I get some buildup which means my hair can't get the moisture it needs.
    Between weight and not getting the moisture to the hair I lose some curl without modifying the CG routine.
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    It could be that your hair loves sulfates, I know my hair does!!
    I only use it once/twice a week & only shampoo the scalp.

    My theory is that some hairtypes need to be treated gently, with no poo, cones, lots of conditioner, satin pillowcase...
    Other hairtypes looks better with the rough treatment, sulfates & doesnt really need a lot of conditioning.

    How are your CGcurls? Fuzzy? Or defined?
    I know my curls lacked definition when I did CG, but sulfates made them pop back :D
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    My CG curls are very defined. I have little to no frizz. They are bigger in diameter than the curls I've been getting the past few days. BUT I've been getting a little more frizz and my hair feels drier.

    It's possible that my hair likes sulfates but my scalp HATES them..I get severe dandruff when I poo my scalp.

    ETA: I've been using the harshest stuff on my head lately (I even shampooed 3 times in one shower to try to get the hair color out)
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    Some people use dishwashing soap to get too dark color out of the hair..
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    my hair loves shampoo too! when i started shampooing after CG my 3a lookign curls returned to their 3b curliness - i was starting to think my curls were loosening but the conditioner was just weighing them down. i think curls need to be a LITTLE dry to curl tightly. really soft curls are always wavy for me

    however, when i started shampooing and getting good results, i was shampooing every wash and then my curls started to get messed up again. so now i've found a balance - i shampoo once every 2 weeks and use a mild cleanser (sulfate free) every other time i wash. it works great and my curls love it!

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    I second what jennyfurrens said.

    I sometimes get GREAT results from sulfates, but most likely "not so much".
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    I also agree with what JF said, except I only use non-sulfate shampoo every couple of weeks or so. I think there needs to be some friction along the cuticle in order for hair to curl. Remember, flat cuticle = straight hair.
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    Probably. Your hair may not be curly/coarse enough to handle all that moisturizing. You may be able to find a routine of shampooing every 3 days or so that will balance your hair and give you fuller, better curls.

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