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I have been mostly cone-free for months now and no matter what I do I still get splits and some breakage. I didn't have that problem when using silicones regularly. And it's not like I had a ton of damage previously that the cones were covering up. It's just gotten worse since going no-cone. I have been taking such good care of my hair and I feel like it hasn't improved one bit. Has anyone else experienced this? I am curious to hear everyones thoughts on this.
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    I'm not a "cones are evil" type or anything but did you notice all the people talking about cones had straight or just barely wavy hair? Curly hair has more open cuticle on the bends.
    That being said, if cones keep your hair protected then I'd use them. My hair isn't bsl yet. That will be my telling length as to how it does without some serious cones.

    But then ya'll know from my zilion posts I ove a product with the A cone high on the list so I'm not a zero cone girl. The only problem with cones is using the sulfate to remove it. If your hair has no problem with that then why get bunged up about cones? (speaking generally I'm not saying you're bunged up :D )
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    wtf. w/e. :lol: They are straighties. :roll:
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