Flakey with flaxseed?

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I have been using sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner (Everyday Shea) and noticed flakey hair after 2nd/3rd day?? The only styler I use is FSG so I was wondering if any avid users of FSG experience flakiness? I guess I will have to resort to "real shampoo" because I refuse to give up my FSG!
No: heating tools, sulfates, cones, parabens
Co-wash: Suave naturals (coconut and ocean breeze) Acct baking soda to clarify as needed
DC: olive or almond oil with EO rosemary
Style: Homemade flaxseed gel with aloe vera juice, epsom salt, and EO rosemary and lavender. Exploring various conditioners to use with the tightly curly method
Want to try: adding different EO's to HFSG, growing out hair
Always ISO: natural remedies for 3b curls!


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