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That's my opinion on chemically straightening your hair. DON'T!!! I straightened mine for the first and only time in June of 2009, and I had a lot of complaints.
First off, it costed $700.
Second, it didn't work. My hair curled up the very next time I washed it. So I went back to the salon and repeated the process for free... This time it worked, sort of. I had big frizzy waves instead of tight 3b curls.
Third, I miss my curls terribly. They were an eye-catcher, a conversation starter, and a friend all at once. Everyone asked me if my hair was naturally curly and told me how beautiful it was. Well, the adults did. My peers in middle school weren't so nice.
And last, it was supposed to go back to normal after six months. It's more than a year later and I'm afraid my hair has been permanently altered. The part that was straightened is wavy. The hair that has grown out since then is curly, but not the way it used to be. The curls are looser, and don't hold together in corkscrews the way they used to but break apart into frizz with the slightest agitation.
The worst part is, there are virtually no surviving photos of my natural curls.
Do what you want, but I do NOT recommend chemically straightening your hair.


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    which service did you have and what was the name of the product used on your hair?
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