Any Spanish curlies here?

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Not sure this it the best place for this, but thought I'd give it a shot :)

I'm moving to Madrid from the U.S. next month and have been wondering about hair products. What are your favorites? I'm a mod CG and hope I can continue once I get there :toothy8:
CG convert and loving it!

Co-wash and condition with Giovanni TTTT
Leave-in Giovanni Vita-Pro Fusion
Scrunch with HETT and FSG

Still trying to figure out hair type, porosity, etc...


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    I am Spanish. Don't worry about it, you will find Madrid to have plenty of hair products and hair salons.

    You will have a great time in Madrid, all the Americans I have met love the city, so much they don't want to return to the US.

    My favourite city to party. You'll have a blast.
    Pictures of my one year growth progress. From short to shoulder length. I don't care about profiling my hair according to some website's guidelines, it is curly and that is all.