CG method doesn't work for me

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My curly hair doesn't like the CG or modified CG method. My hair texture is fine, and my curl pattern is "lazy" on the top canopy especially.

I like and look forward to shampooing my hair every day, especially during the summer.

I shampoo, condition, blot water from my hair, then wrap it in a turben for about 20 minutes. I take it out of the towel and it's "damp." I comb it with a wide tooth comb. I apply a small amount of product, like mousse, without silicone. I comb the product through my hair.

I take a butterfly clip and pull up the top layer for more volume.

I sometimes let it air dry like that.

If I'm in a hurry, I will use a diffuser for about five minutes.

I will also sometimes go around the top layer with a curling iron, and touch up spots that look wavy rather than curly on the top. That takes about five minutes.

My goal for goin curly is minimal time, with a final style that looks attractive and stays in, doesn't fall if it rains or it's humid.

I don't like the CG method for my hair type at all. My hair really isn't thick enough or curly enough to take the no poo or low poo. It makes my hair limp. I also don't like the cast left my gel, and having to use so much product in my hair when just out of the shower and it's wet. It takes too long to dry that way, and I have to scrunch out the crunch too much, which then leaves my hair in some spots actually looking stiff or straight.

Any one else discovering that the CG or modified CG method just doesn't work for them? I posted this in 2, because I think other curl types would have an easier time with CG.
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    I like mod CG. From your description, your method would leave me a giant frizzy poofball with no defined curls except for the ones from the curling iron.
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    I am with you. I have only been doing this a few days so I am willing to give it a chance. I have shiny, healthy, non-porous, baby fine hair also with lazy waves. The best hair days I had were when I bought and used Redken Fresh Curls products (definitely NOT CG!).
    Devacurl leaves my hair SOOOO soft and moisturized that hair hair looks flat and limp-especially on the top. The "nicer" I am to my hair, the more it gives up and hangs there!

    I am modifying what I am doing now using [buylink=]Deva LowPoo[/buylink] and then One Condition-but only on the ends. Leave ins and deep conditioning are both OUT!

    I have a Jessicurl trial kit in light (versus the rich products) arriving tomorrow. Perhaps what I have been using is just too rich and heavy for my 2A hair or my hair needs to adjust so I will be patient for now!
    I'm 47. Straight hair until 6/2010. THANKS, thyroid!
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    I'm pretty much in the same boat as you are. I've tried CG and modified CG 3x now and I just can't seem to make things work.

    I can't not shampoo my hair every day. Some low-poos left my hair limp and the Giovanni ones dried out my hair far worse than my old sulfate shampoos. (There has to be some ingredient that I'm sensitive to.)

    I've recently gone back to my old routine. Sulfate shampoo, regular normal hair conditioner. I wrap my head in a microfiber towel (not plopped) to get out most of the water. Then I apply a styling cream (with water soluble silicones), comb through my hair and then blow dry for about five minutes while styling with a vented brush. I air dry the rest of the way and if I have any frizz, I just put a dab of my styling cream in my hair and smooth them down.

    I tried all kinds of gel and like you they all left an odd cast on my hair which made my color look awful. I can get my hair really, really curly with gel, scrunching and diffusing. But the minute I scrunch out the crunch, one of two things happen - I end up with a HUGE afro or my hair just falls and it's slighty wavy in places and straight in others.

    I never wear my hair stick straight. If I want it with a slight wave, I dry my hair with a brush that resembles a paddle brush and use a flat iron on a really low setting. That gives me a nice soft wave. When I style my hair like above (which is the norm) it's more wavy. I get less wave than if I let it air dry, but it's more uniform.


    I'm not really happy with my hair at the moment, but (and I'm like a broken record in this regard) I'm growing out a really bad hair cut, so I'll take presentable.
    2B - Fine (but lots of it) Texture, High Porosity
    Not really CG at the moment, might try again once my hair is much longer (i.e. I can put it up if it looks awful
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    I think the Giovanni shampoo (50/50 hydrating/clarifying) was making my hair dry. I am trying to refrain from using the curling iron at all. I did try V05 Vanilla Mint Clarifying conditioner as a conditioner wash. It looks okay the first time, but not sure how if I like using a co-wash every day. I will see.
    Conditioner Wash: V05 Kiwi-Lime Clarifying Conditioner

    Shampoo: Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Shampoo

    Rinse-Out and Leave-In Conditioner: V05 Vanilla-Mint Conditioner

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    Curly KC-
    I thought I'd give a few possible suggestions. Most should work with CG or not CG hair. Your hair does sound like a difficult one for the CG method.
    My hair texture is fine, and my curl pattern is "lazy" on the top canopy especially.
    We were discussing wavies with lazy curls patterns in this thread.

    Most of the wavies with lazy hair like the ice queen method. The majority liked a gel with a hard hold. We like to scrunch in product and not rake. Combing in product after a plop is probably not a good idea with this type of hair.
    Most like at least one of their products to be "grabby". This thread explains "grabby" vs "slippy" and names some grabby products.
    I like and look forward to shampooing my hair every day, especially during the summer.
    There are CG wavies that low poo every day. If you found a low poo you liked, this could be an option. But if you are happier with your hair not CG, then that works too.
    . It looks okay the first time, but not sure how if I like using a co-wash every day. I will see.
    If you feel like cowashing is weighing your hair down, you could water wash some of the time. Water washing is scrubbing your scalp with water. Like a cowash with no cowash conditioner. Then you follow up with a rinse out conditioner.
    I have two (actually three) styling routines that I use that might work for you. The gel is added later in the process, so the drying time is shorter.
    Easier one: Scrunch in leave in and curl enhancer, scrunch out water upside down in the shower. Plop. Scrunch in gel. Plop again into a new towel. My hair doesn't get much volume with this one.
    Option 2 (&3). Scrunch in leave in and curl enhancer as above. Plop. Diffuse hair half way dry. Wet hands and scrunch in gel. (option 3) Diffuse a bit further for more waves/curls. I like to pixie diffuse when I diffuse. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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    I've learned that I really need to shampoo as well. My hair just looks better. I also have fine hair and my hair just gets weighed down so easily. I bought TIGI your highness shampoo and condish and I've really been loving it. It's labeled "sulfate free" and does a great job cleaning my hair (Spendy though). I cowashed pretty regularly for quite some time, but just was never happy with my hair and now I feel like I've finally found something that works. As you said, I really don't want to spend a ton of time on my hair and that's what I was doing. I don't anymore, most often I just let it air dry now.

    I don't like the crunchy wet look, when I go out with wet hair and I can't wait to SOTC! Diffusing just isn't something I want to do to my hair everyday. And I no longer put product (other than leave in) into soaking wet just made my hair FLAT! I scrunch out water with my hand dry hair gloves and add LOOB. Sometimes I add Redken soft spin gel (the only one I've found that isn't super crunchy).

    I try to use plenty of protein, cuz my hair LOVES protein, but I have to keep my hair properly conditioned too. I feel like through this process I've found something that actually helps keep my hair healthy and that's what is most important!
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    locking Spray
    Experimenting with lots of products in my cabinet...

    My hair loves protein, plopping, and diffusing! Trying to find a way to style and air dry.
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    i'm liking the CGirl routine in general since my hair feels much more healthy, but there is one main aspect of it that i do not like at all and that is the fact that my hair takes a long long time to dry, and while it dries it looks stringy and hard and pretty much awful. once the crunch is out it looks nice sometimes, but sometimes it takes all day to get to that point, and who wants to look icky almost all day? i'm currently trying to fix this by doing my hair at night, but i'm having mixed results.
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    My hair sounds a lot like yours. I would have 3b hair, but from years of damage, using sulfate and cones, and some medical issues I consider it more 3a with a lazy pattern. Thinner then thin, low density.

    I used to think that CG did not work for me, but I kept on it and now it does. I am a total believer. I honestly think shampoo is much like a drug for your hair. I think our hair gets addicted to it, and has no idea how to act any other way. This was at least the case for mine.

    I am pretty modified, because I will need to use a cone poo at some point per month. I am trying to grow some hair back, and I use a special poo for it. Other then the cone, it is natural. Then, of course, I will need to sulfate it out. This is going to be a once a month thing for me.

    With my thin hair, the gel that works the best for me is home made FSG. I also use a hair lotion by Alaffia, that I adore, and swear by. I have the bounciest curls and they are just doing amazing. I really think that if you want to try again, you can do it. I have a post somewhere about not thinking I could do it either, and I am proud to say that I am over that hump. ;)

    If you never do go complete CG, at least nourish your hair and body well. Make sure your products are good for you & your hair. I think that makes a big difference too.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]<<-working my way back to this!!
    My hair when I was 17 and had no idea how to flatten it.

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