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(sorry for posting soo many questions....im curious)

So, i had found this game, wii EA sports active, in my closet NOT EVEN OPENED! lol:) i decided my work out plan wasn't going too well because its been really hot outside, so i coudn't take long walks. I want to try this game, so i opened it and found the resistance band feels quite cheap so i will be replaceing this with one in my exercise room.

A couple years ago when wii fit came out me and my bro were always playing it. But when we got another wii for me we decided to share the game. Well the balence board was being shared between us and well i wanted to go back to that game ITS SOOOO FUN! but i can't find the board so instead i wanted to try this out.

MY question is:

Have you ever tryed out wii EA sports active?
Do you like it?
Did it help you lose weight?
Is it better than wii fit?
Does it replace your daily workout?


  • imgonnastartawarimgonnastartawar Posts: 237Registered Users
    i just did the 20 minute easy workout and my legs are sore!
    though it was fun!
    and i did burn 118 cal.!
    i think i'll do the 30 day challenge once my legs man up!
    (lol im a girl)

  • charyjaycharyjay Posts: 10Registered Users
    Hey Hey!

    I love EA Active. It's so much fun and it actually gives you a real workout (unlike the Wii Fit)!

    I've done the 30 Day workout a couple of times and at the end, I always seE results!

    Plus, the male trainer is super cute! :o)


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