Ion, ceramic, tourmaline hairdryer wreck curls?

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Hi: The new hairdryers I've been using for the last few years that advertise to give shine and add softness to hair and reduce drying time would work great if trying to smooth or straighten the hair cuticle. However, I thought I would go back to using an old fashioned Conair hair dryer that wasn't ceramic or gave off ions. I just use it with a diffuser for about 5 minutes to add lift at the roots and give air drying a head start. I went to Sally's and bought a 2000 watt dryer. I love the results I'm getting, especially with my new Deva cut. I use a large bowl diffuser. I don't dry it all the way since I walk to work and have time to let it air dry.

Any other curly hair think that maybe the hair dryers out on the market are designed more to actually straighten and smooth hair, which can be wrecking curls?

I also bought the Deva diffuser attachment, and I'm not too sure about it. I understand the concept of drying the hair by placing the diffuser under the hair, but then my top curl layers look limp. The large bowl diffuser works best. However, I had to order mine online because now stores are selling diffusers with "ceramic" in them. Ugh!
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    I've been wearing my hair natural since before I became aware of the ionic, or ceramic dryers, and personally I like them. They are supposed to leave more water in your hair than the more traditional ones do, and that's supposed to be good for curls.

    I think the biggest problem is that so many dryers these days are being designed with a narrowing nozzle, which don't fit standard diffusers, and diffusers for them may be non-existent or difficult to lay your hands on. Whereas dryers used to come with diffusers, now they seem to come with concentrators for blasting hair into submission. I also don't like that you have to buy a separate attachment which will only fit that one dryer, and be useless once the dryer dies.

    I have a very wide mouth Babyliss dryer which was made for coloured or curly hair, and came with a little stand. It has tourmaline, ionic, and far infra-red heat, and has been very good for drying my curls. It doesn't have a diffuser bowl that you could pixie curl with, but it does have a nice low speed as well as high, and separate temperature controls. It does a very nice job, and is what I turn to on winter mornings I have to leave early. Unfortunately, it never seemed to really take off, and no longer seems to be on the market, which is a pity.

    The Deva dryer seems rather steep, but I love the diffuser. I use that on my old Revlon blowfryer, which has an ionic setting, and will also take a traditional diffuser. I find the [buylink=]DevaFuser[/buylink] very helpful for drying my roots quickly; and practice has made it easier to dry the rest of my hair with it also.

    These days I am more likely to use my old hard hat dryer, which I unearthed from the basement. It doesn't have any ionic claims, but dries my hair evenly, and lets me use my drying time reading or knitting. The hard hat dryers aren't really all that expensive for the home models. They do take up real estate, and require that you have a good place to put them for use -- one you can either dedicate or claim reasonably easily. I just run mine on the second lowest setting, and it dries my hair well in ten or fifteen minutes.

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    I just bought a great ionic dryer from target. It is by revlon and has a pretty black and white design. It was only 24.99 has compared to similiar 60 dollar models at sallys. I love it because it has a large diffuser. They had another revlon with the same wattage and they wanted $19.99. While I eas in the store I called revlon and they said they were the same dryer just that the black and white was a newer model and the diffuser was bigger. So for 5 bucks more I got a bigger diffuser and a prettier design. I am in love with this dryer!

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    Yes I have noticed less volume and less frizz with the ionic dryer + diffuser, but assumed that was because it was healthier for the hair. Less volume because it wasn't ruffling up the cuticle. I don't think this wrecks curls, though, why would it? If your hair is curly and you smooth it by laying down the cuticles it will still be curly, right?
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