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This is gonna be my exercise log. Where i record my daily fittness, and trying to lose weight. This log does not need to be answered!
feel free to join in though,
make your own personal log here, stating what exercise you just did and your progress.
I'll start

July 2nd,

i just came back from walking for 1 hour in the hot sun!
i feel soo good. Im gonna try to do those walks daily during the summer (no school)! my goal is to be 115 pounds by the start of school! i know tough goal since im 145 pounds now. After dinner im gonna go on another walk, maybe for half hour to 1 hour. I know i don't have to exercise this much but it just feels so good. For dinner tonight im gonna cut my portion a bit smaller, i'll have salad, 1 healthy fretelli (italion pancake) and 2 rice balls.


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    july 3rd,

    i wanted to do a long walk all day today....but never got the chance. Though i did go in the pool for 2 hours, racing with my cuz. I ate terribly today ;(. I have decided to go on a diet (like a specific one) and ideas there? it cant be one where it tells you exactly what to eat each day.

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    july 4th,

    todady is hot, 32 degrees. for breakfast i had a banana with penut butter which filled me up. Then, i went to walk to the new bakery with my family that just opened up, it was about 15 minute walk there and a 15 minute walk back. I ate nothing at the backery.
    Later, i have my cuz coming over to swim for about 3 hours.
    I did the 20 minute easy workout on Wii EA sports active today, and im gonna start the 30 day challenge on there too! Once my foot stops being sore!
    i had lunch, salad, 3 riceballs and a little bit of pasta.
    i had 1 slice of watermelon.
    im gonna have a snack now, nuts and banana yogurt, also 2 sugur-free crackers.
    OMG i wanna exercise but my foot is still sore!:(

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    hop on over to the accountability thread:)
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    ok i'll check it out
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    july 5,

    Today i went on an 1 and a half hour walk in the morning, i went to tims and had a ice cap and cookie. I had veal and patatoes, then went for a swim later on. Now, i am going to start the ea sport active wii 30 day challenge.

    POTL-post on this later:)

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    july 6,

    i didn't end up starting the 30 day challenge YET!:(
    but i will.....eventually
    i din't do much exercise today but i did go swimming! for like 3 hours or something:
    my ankle is actually twisted so it kinda hurts to exercise.


    p.s.- i feel like i lost weight! i checked the scale and i lost 2 pounds. JOY! a start


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