Starting a new routine to try to get my hair back

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I just started a modified CG routine about 2 weeks ago. I went to a new Deva stylist, and I finally decided to try the LowPoo and OneC. I've been using the AnGel for years, but thought the shampoo and conditioner were too expensive. She also taught me how to properly use the products and dry my hair. Then I found this site, and have been obsessed ever since. :)

I've been thinking for a couple of years that my hair seems thinner on the crown and at the temples. But I think I've been in a state of denial (women, who aren't even 40, don't get thin hair!). However, now that I'm more aware of my hair, I really do think it has thinned. I don't have PCOS (though, I did have an ovary removed a few years ago). And I seem to have good hair genes, so it isn't genetic. But looking back on pictures, my hair did seem a lot thicker. And my crown will burn in the sun, which it never used to do.

So, being an overly-eager CG-newbie, I'm trying to adopt a new routine. I'm going to try Biotin. My multi-vitamin has most of the same stuff as the GNC Nourish-hair, so hopefully I'm good there. I just picked up some Aubrey Organics HSR and GBP conditioners. I plan to use the HSR as a daily rinse out, and use the GBP once a week. The store was out of GTTT shampoo, so I'll have to look elsewhere. I'm not sure if I'll use the GTTT as a once-a-week and use a co-wash other days, or if I'll just do a lowpoo routine. Not sure what co-wash I should use if I go that route. I exercise pretty much every day, so I like washing with something regularly. I've read that jojoba oil is good (the HSR does have it), so I might try to find something with that.

Whew, that was long. If anyone has any advice on this plan, I'm open to anything.
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  • eloracurlseloracurls Registered Users Posts: 46 Curl Neophyte
    I found some pictures for comparison. The first is from 2005. The other two are from tonight. Definitely looks thinner to me. :(

    BTW, I'm still trying to figure out my hair's characteristics. I believe it is medium texture, normal porosity, normal-high elasticity, and low density.
    Hair:3A, fine texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity. Low density.

    Shampoo: CJ Daily Fix, Hello Hydration
    RO: Hello Hydration
    LI/Styler: SS Protein Spray, CIAB, Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper

    Treatments: CJ Repair Me and SS DD

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    I don't know how much I have to add... Your routine seems good to me. You'll likely just figure it out through trial and error. I definitely understand being an overly-eager CG newbie though (: I want to go out and buy every product I read about on here and figure out what works best for my hair tomorrow! But, after two months or so, I'm starting to get the hang of what works for me and what doesn't.

    I also wanted to say that my hair looks a lot like yours in the second picture, at least along the part. Mine has never been on the thick side, but was at least normal until recently. I'm 24, so I feel your pain... I'm too young to be thinking about how you can see my scalp.

    Have you ruled out other health issues besides PCOS? I know mine is caused both by low iron and thyroid issues. I'm currently taking prenatals, iron, biotin, and glucosamine/ chondroitin (a joint medicine, but my doctor recommended it to encourage new growth... I don't know that it's getting thicker, but it's getting longer).

    Anyway, just wanted to chime in. Good luck!
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    New routine for a hair,you do a massage with oil regular and and also do a deep conditioning for a hair and a take a healthy food that contain a more vitamin this a best for a hair and you must care your hair.
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    I've suffered from bouts of hair loss over the last 25 years so I understand that it is a very sensitive issue! I agree with you that it does look comparatively thinner. I am not trying to minimize your concerns at all, but I think it still looks pretty good and you still have a lot of hair that you can work with.

    Have you talked to an endocrinologist? Thyroid issues can definitely contribute to hair loss (I have an underactive thyroid and went through a period of hair loss from this). It's my understanding that other hormones can play a role in hair loss, too.

    There are certain medications that can also cause hair loss. Based upon my firsthand experience Metformin can cause a B vitamin deficiency which in turn can lead to hair loss. Certain antidepressants can also change the texture and density of hair.

    Best of luck in getting some answers.

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