Relaxer up keep?

redfrzzballredfrzzball Registered Users Posts: 2
My friend wants me to get my hair relaxed with her and I'm definitely intrigued, but worried. I have very thick 3a hair. I keep it layered and routinely get it thinned. Will it look weird once "relaxed"? What do I have to do once I get it done? Fancy shampoos?

I'm very low maintenance with my hair- wash, some gel and I'm out the door. Can I still do that with a relaxer?


  • jubellsjubells Registered Users Posts: 38
    I'm relaxed and starting to transition. You'll probably regret it, I got burned (fire on your scalp is not fun). The chemicals in perms are so strong that for it to be made chemists can't touch it with their hands (why stylists wear gloves to apply it). Do you really want that on your scalp? Don't do it until your 100% sure and ready for what you're getting yourself into. Don't follow a friend, it's YOUR hair.
  • pursuitofhappinesspursuitofhappiness Registered Users Posts: 16
    relaxers aren't exactly "low maintenance", when you get new growth, your hair looks really odd, and you'll have to relax that area. regrowth usually appears within 6 weeks. Also, I wouldn't consider a relaxer for 3A hair. If you want a looser curl pattern, look into the brazilian blowout (NOT the brazilian keratin treatment) it will last about 3 months, it washes out gradually and still gives you the ability to have curls without weird new growth

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