Older Is Not Always Wiser

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I love my family very much but TG I live hours away from them. On a visit, my dad's sister asked me about my hair. I said a medical condition made a lot of my hair fall out, I decided to go natural. If she thought anything negative, she didn't say. Not so with my mother and her sister. They're natural but wear wigs to keep from caring for superfine, limp, 3bish hair. I won't repeat what they said, but I realized I go on forums to ask strangers questions because I learn nothing from the people that should be teaching me. My chemicals started in first grade. Until recently, I didn't know about the importance of protein, deep conditioning, co-washing. My hair isn't perfect but it's never been this healthy. I don't have children but I want to learn to my kids and not put them down because they don't have "good" hair.
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    Sorry to hear this and I am upset that you were 5 or 6 when you got your 1st perm. Too young....

    You are doing the right thing. Even if they don't understand.

    I hope your health is better dear...

    Thinking of you
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    In my experience, it seems the previous generations are the most resistant when it comes to hair. When my peers and I ( (31 now) started letting go of the relaxers and flat irons 5-10 years ago, we were met with resistance from our elders.

    NOW that has shifted. My mother started locking her hair (wears a locked bob) and her friend followed with short naturals and sister locks. They reached a tipping point with years of relaxing or pressing and sweating it out during menopause weaves and wigs that resulted in hair loss.

    I dont want to say "I told you so", they just knew. There is a chance that they would never understand though. We have to do what's right for us. We all have our reasons for going natural. Yours was health related and so was mine (for different reasons). Honor that and care for the beautiful head of hair that you have.
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    Yeah, if you have nothing else, you have geographical distance.
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