Losing Curl, but I don't straighten :(

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Help my hair is losing its curl, especially at the top. I have been 100% natural since 2005. My hair texture is prob 3c/4a, its about bra length when straightened, but shrink to just below shoulders when curly. I only straightened a couple of times a year, no more than 5x. I don't know what to do! It use to be so curly! I tend to wear it pulled back either a ponytail/bun or just a somewhat tight pin up, could this effect it? It also seems so frizzy and dry now :(
I have just started the CG method (using Tresseme Naturals Conditioner), will this help? I've also started using a homemade whipped shea/cocoa butter mix.
Thanks in advance!
Sorry for the ramble


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    whenever my curls get droopy and sad, I give it a good shot of protein.

    There are a couple of ways to do it and products you can use. Whether it be a homemade treatment or purchased. Personally, I use Spiral Solutions Protein Repair Treatment (SSPRT), Aubrey Organice GPB (AOGPB) and also Answers From Nature Balancing conditioner. When I use them I don't do a DT afterwards, but when I need to bring out the big guns I use Nexxus Emergenee. You'll need to do a DT (Deep Conditioning Treatment) after that one if that's what you choose to use.

    If you go to the General Discussions Forum, you'll find a lot more info. Here's the link:
    2c/3a/3b Fine/med texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity
  • cncaseycncasey Posts: 2Registered Users
    Ok thanks will try a protein treatment!
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    Welcome, cncasey!

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    You are beautiful!

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