Garnier Fructis Curl Spray Gel?

I just realized I have a brand new bottle of GF Curl spray gel! I was wondering if anyone has used this product and if they like it? I was also wondering if you do like it, how do you use it in your hair routine?

Do you apply it then plop or what?

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  • CurlyCloCurlyClo Posts: 31Registered Users
    I haven't used this product


    in the UK there is a Garnier Fructis gel, called 24-hr Endurance I think. And it is the BEST gel I have used...its actually the only styling product I have repurchased for over a year.

    I got really inconsistent results at first, but now I get just about the same results everytime....its not too crunchy, but great hold, and gives me good volume and amazing shine. Seriously, I love this gel. If I ever had to use just one styler, it would be this.
  • beautifulRainbeautifulRain Posts: 189Registered Users
    I use this a lot, actually. It is, as far as I can tell, CG, and works pretty well for me. Smells nice too! I have used it mostly with the GF Curl Creme Gel which I like but is not CG (if that concerns you). I haven't really detoxed from sulfates and 'cones yet, I'm trying to use up some old products before I start, so there won't be any temptation. It might take a while, as I am quite a PJ, especially when it comes to hair products!

    Basically I use it as a finishing spray... for some reason, (maybe I am not applying enough gel?), if I don't use some kind of finishing spray product, my curls go flat and fuzzy. My usual routine is leave-in cond + gel + spray.
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  • boticellicurlsboticellicurls Posts: 17Registered Users
    Just started using this today, actually. I really love it so far.

    I CO wash, then put in leave in conditioner (a spray), then apply this and air dry with [buylink=]duckbill clips[/buylink] (CG method).

    It produced a more volumized ringlet look than my previous gel (Upper Management by Kiss My Face).

    My hair is extremely fine, and I wanted a gel that would provide great hold, but not weigh down my curls.

    So far I love what this did today!

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