Curl Enhancer...recommendations please

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Okay, So my hair is 2c...maybe 3a but I think more 2c.

I had been using:
Jessicurl RR and CCSS on dripping wet hair.
Then scrunch in KCCC.
Then I plop for about 15 minutes
then add a gel like DevaAngel scrunched in.

This was working well and I did this for a year or so, but then as my hair got longer, I felt like there wasn't enough curl, it was more wavy.

So I tried the Curl Junkie line. I've been using:
The Daily Fix as my cleanser
Curl Assurance smoothing conditioner
Curls in a Bottle on dripping wet hair
Then still use some [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] before plopping

I'm finding that my hair seems weighted down and more wavy than curly.

I'm looking for some recommendations. Can anyone suggest a good curl enhancer? I don't mind switching my whole routine and trying out a new line.

I was just reading about:
AG: recoil - I haven't tried this product yet
Darcy's Botanical sound interesting to me
[buylink=]Oyin Whipped Pudding[/buylink] - is tempting me too but will it be too heavy?

If you have 2c/3a hair...what are the products that seem to keep the frizz down but that give you bouncy curls.

TIA for the advice.


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