This method has helped my oily scalp so much.

I have an oily scalp and dry hair. It's the worst. You're like- Um, which one should I attend to? I have tried co-washing with [buylink=]Deva Low Poo[/buylink], CJ Daily Fix, Shampoo bars, Suave Coconut, VO5 Moisture Milks, Jessicurl shampoo, but nothing gave me the results I wanted. Either my hair was too moisturized or too dry. I've figured out a way I can finally do both.

If you have a super oily scalp and then dry length/ends, try this:

First, put conditioner in your length on DRY hair (I use [buylink=]DevaCurl One C[/buylink] or Giovanni TTT Conditioner). The conditioner will penetrate better without your hair being wet. Use as much as you'd like. I use a good quarter sized blob. Massage it into your length (kinda scrunch it up towards your scalp and rub it around).
I leave mine in while I work out. If you can't wait though, that's okay. Just get in the shower. Wash your body or something or do other things like shave if you can to let the conditioner soak in. This is also kind of like doing a deep treatment but I do this daily.
Next, I use a low poo, aka a sulfate free one. I use Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo from Wal-mart. Wet your hair a TINY bit. It doesn't need to be soaking. Just so your scalp is moist and your conditioner is still there. DON'T rinse it out. Then shampoo ONLY your scalp. Don't touch those ends. When you rinse, they'll get clean. Add a bit more water and some conditioner to your scalp. Then scrub some more. You are still using a sulfate free poo and need to use some elbow grease. After you thoroughly rinse, add more conditioner. This can be a heavier one or the same one you used before. Scrunch it into your length ONLY. Let it penetrate a bit. Then rinse out with cold water.
I adore this routine. Cuts back grease, moisturizes my hair... perfection.

This is kinda like the spritz and condish method I saw after I started doing this. I may try a spritz bottle out of curiosity. But I'm not going to knock a good thing for my hair right now. It's finally healthy.
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