sleepin on short hair?

i used to pineapple, but my hair's too short now....


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    I gave myself a haircut a few weeks ago. Short in the back (very short at the neck) and gradually getting longer around the face. Inverted bob I think we call it...
    So I had to ditch the pineapple too.
    After a few nights...I just gave up and accepted that I would need to re-wet the back of my hair in the morning, because they would just loose their curls and get flat/hornish from the pillow.
    The good thing is....short hair dries much more quickly!
    Hope that helps.:)
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    When I had shorter hair I spritzed with water and scrunched with a VERY light conditioner or with a TINY half sized droplet of honey or [buylink=]AG Re:Coil[/buylink]. You could also try using a satin bonnet or sleeping on satin pillowcases. Agree with LilyCurly though, it doesn't take that long to dry after a spritz down on the bright side!
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    thanks :)

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