Drugstore/Grocery store products?

Okay I can't order online or go to a salon for products (I'm a kid, my mom wouldn't take me)

Currently i use herbal essences totally twisted gel, honey, and tresemme moisturizing naturals.

I have to use a lot of the naturals conditioner even though I love it--I don't even wash it out, i just comb it out. But to help my hair get curlier i don't want to use a comb, so I washed it out with cold water and then diluted some with filtered water for a leave in, mixed with honey. My hair is softer from the honey because i used more since i rinsed it out, but it's already looking dry and frizzy, even if softer and shinier.

SO I was wondering if there was a richer conditioner the was CG friendly that I could find easily? Plus a leave in. Also, the gel doesn't seem to be strong enough, even with honey--should I try the set me up gel?

And any super expensive products my mom prolly won't buy.

stuff that might help my hair curl more or a curl refresher for second day hair (So I don't have to wash it everyday) would also be appreciated.

Cone free please, thanks!
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    Try Giovanni. I like their tea tree shampoo and conditioner. You could cleanse once a week with the shampoo and use the conditioner to co-wash the rest of the time. Their stuff is $9.99 a bottle at my Wal-mart.
    I use Set Me Up Max hold gel and it works REALLY well. I'd go for that. Or Biosilk Rock Hard Gellee is also good I hear.
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    Garnier frutice triple nutrition (4$) is moisturizing. I'd try this first, since it is available everywhere. It is oil heavy and can weigh some hair down. I have dry hair and liked it. If you ever go to sally beauty supply, their GVP conditioning balm (biolage knockoff) is another good option (5$).

    For a leave in conditioner, I just use some of my rinse out conditioner. GFTN worked best as either a cowash or leave-in, but not both for me.

    For a hard hold gel, LA looks sports gel or curls gel (2$) are holy grail products for many people. Biosilk rock hard gelle (13-14$) is head and shoulders above other gels for me. It has an extremely hard hold, but scrunches out to bouncy curls. You may be able to mix some HE SMU and the BRHG together in your hand before using. This helps distribute the thick BRHG and saves a bit of money. K-mart and CVS carry is (and probably other places)

    I'd also suggest trying fruit of the earth aloe vera gel and to try making your own flax seed gel. They are both curl enhancers and add moisture. Neither is expensive.
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