Time for a Trim?

I started CG in March 2010. I had my last haircut a few weeks before that. My hair had been highlighted and had some damaged areas cut from that with the last haircut. I have not used heat or 'cones or sulfates on my hair since March 2010; however, I still have what I think are split ends. My hair is layered (some of the shortest layers are broken pieces from the botched highlights). The longest layers are straightening on the ends and are really thin. They sometimes turn into knots on their own. My question is, is it time for a trim? I'm thinking it is. I've been trying to grow it, but I want it to look nice and not just have long hair with split ends. My other question is I live in a rural area and don't have access to salons that specialize in curly hair. I also don't remember seeing anyone with curly hair where I get my hair cut. If it is time for a trim, how can I get what I'm looking for without sacrificing length and having someone not understand my curls, i.e. cutting off too much or trying to straighten it? If sulfates and silicones and hairdryers get used for one day, will it undue all my CGness? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for all input!
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    Did you use the salon finder? Maybe a little bit of a drive would be worth it. If they use sulfates/silicones on you, just clarify when you get home and get started again. Your hair won't be dead or anything, just maybe a bit out of whack. Follow up with a deep treatment.

    I recently got a new stylist. Big mistake. I asked for a trim and she insisted on layers. I went with it, and she cut off 3 inches of my hair. That's a lot since it was only shoulder length. I wasn't a happy camper.

    Aveda salons are always pretty good. They are nice, affordable, and have good stylists for the most part. They also have a sulfate free shampoo (the rosemary mint I believe).

    I'd just make sure to tell the stylist you don't want anything too fancy. Just a simple trim and you are really trying to just let your hair do it's own thing for awhile since it has been damaged. But make sure to take off as much as necessary. I had to go quite short because of previous damage (see my fotki pre-CG). In the long run, you will be able to get more length when you now know how to keep it healthy.

    Hope you find a good stylist and go with your gut and say no if it seems like your stylist is doing something you DON'T want done to your hair!
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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your feedback. I decided to get it trimmed yesterday near me since I had just a little bit of time, and I was pulling ends that were breaking off in my hand beforehand. UGH. So, the stylist had her hair curly, which made me feel a bit more comfortable. I allowed her to shampoo and condition my hair because I had a ton of conditioner in it from trying to help the breaking ends. I told her I always wore it curly. I had to go do some other errands, so I didn't just want to go out with a wet head. She dried it and used a flat iron on it. I got home and my husband said, "You look weird." It hurt my feelings, but then he said he hadn't seen my hair straight in about 5 months, and it was weird looking. I guess I could take that as a semi-compliment for my hair looking better curly. I didn't use a clarifying or sulfate shampoo when I got home, because it was already seeming parched from the drying and flat ironing and whatever protectant spray was used. I did condition it, but should I use something clarifying now. Will a low-poo work? I really needed to get it trimmed. I was so wanting to grow it out that I lost site that it had started breaking off. She took almost 2 inches off, I going to baby it today, but it doesn't look that bad since I got the curl back in. Any suggestions?
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    I also wanted to say I felt really out of place with my curly hair yesterday. There was so much straightening going on in the salon that I had forgotten so many people do that.
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