Help! The Frizz Monster As Struck Again!!

Hello, my fellow curlies:love4:

I have 3b curly hair (it looks like the picture of Jodi Picoult, just brunette,) anyways, my hair is gorgeous when its mostly dry:happy3:, but then it starts to frizz like madness! I need any and all products, ideas, methods, and prayers to tame this frizz. I am a curly brunette born into a family of stick-straight blondes, so nobody knows how to manage this mess of my hair!:angry1: I live in Oregon, USA...and quite frankly it rains...a lot! Please help me!! I have tried soo many products, IM DESPERATE!!!:?

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  • asianrunnerasianrunner Curl Neophyte Posts: 2,251Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I have a couple things that really help with the frizz!

    I plop my hair instead of towel drying. I actually prefer plopping twice because I get better waves. It goes, leave-in, curl enhancer, plop, gel, plop.

    I also absolutely love FSG for frizz control! I use it either right before my gel or right after it. I don't know how it does it, but it's amazing!
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  • curlygurl999curlygurl999 Posts: 31Registered Users
    on top of my styler i use either cantu shea butter or coconut oil or carols daughter all these with a good leave in really take care of the frizz
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