Halo frizz! Please help - long&short term

Hello! My halo frizz is out-of-control this summer! NY humidity is not helping :( Do you have any good tips for taming it and keeping it under control? I'm looking for both short-term answers (ie, products that will help it look better now) and longer-term solutions (ie to keep halo frizz away in the future).

Thank you!!!:angel5:


  • curlyinohiocurlyinohio Posts: 362Registered Users
    For the long term, keep your hair well moisturized by using a quality conditioner, and leave it in. (This makes a HUGE difference!) And a strong hold gel. I assume you're already not using sulfates or silicones?? And I keep a small bottle of my conditioner in my purse, in case I need a quick fix.
    Cowash: Suave Aloe and Water Lily
    Conditioner and Leave-in: GFTN
    LA Looks Sport Gel
    Coconut oil Or Olive oil at night

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