augh! bad haircut! help!

so..i got most of my hair chopped off today...except the person kinda messed up and now i have a bad haircut!! it's a couple inches shorter than what i wanted & the left side is a little longer than the right side. plus my hair seems less curly now...??? help?


  • HotroxHotrox Posts: 26Registered Users
    Ahh, I feel your pain. But I'm sure its not actually as bad as it feels right now. I always hate my hair after a cut and in a week or so it'll be fine.

    My hair is often less curly after its been cut but it recovers its bounce after a few washes.

    And, it will grow ;)
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  • curlygal01curlygal01 Posts: 4Registered Users
    Don't worry, i have that happen to me to.. wait about a week or so.

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