denman brush on 4a 4b hair

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Hi, is was wondering if the denman brush would be a good tool to detangle my 4a and 4b hair, I have heard a lot of people say that it cuts their detangling time, and detangles well on natural 4a 4b type hair, My only concern is that I have seen a couple of ariticles on different sites mentioning this brush and it's negative efffects like pulling out too much hair, and creating frizz. My main concern is the hair loss, since I am try to grow my hair longer, so retaining length is a biggie for me and I would not want to buy a brush that is going to pull alot of my hairs out and aid to breakage.

Here are links to the articles below:
*she mentions the denman in paragraph 3, in the section just above details

So, have you used the denman brush, what was your experience like using it , especially on it tugging out hairs.

if you have stopped using your denman, what tool do you now use to detangle.


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    I use a Denman knock-off that I purchased from a BSS, and while I wouldn't use it for solely detangling, it's awesome for removing shed hair. First I detangle with my fingers, then I use my wide-tooth comb, and I remove the shed hairs with my Denman knock-off. It works wonders, and I definitely notice a difference when I twist my hair. I suggest you try it and see how your hair reacts. The things is, if you do get one, you should get a Denman that has 5 rows, not the ones with 7 or 9 rows; those are the ones that aren't that good for thick/kinky/curly hair. My Denman knock-off has 5 rows, and there is a difference between 5 rows and 7 for my hair. HTH.

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