CO Virgin, Need Input

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A little about my hair: My hair is between a 2b and a 3a. It's medium textured but I have tons of it! Body is definitely not an issue. It isn't dry, in fact I would say it is on the oily side. When I wear it natural I have serious issues with frizz (I live in South Carolina).

For several years now I've been partially doing CO without knowing it. I wash my hair every 3rd day, but use regular shampoo/conditioner. I want to do CO the right way, but think I will need to shampoo at least twice a week (I'm a group fitness instructor so I can get quite sweaty).

I would like some suggestions on what products are good for shampooing, conditioning, and styling (keep in mind I'm on a budget). I just purchased HE Tousle Me Softly Mousse and conditioner but haven't used them yet. I noticed the mousse doesn't have a "cone" or a "fate" but the conditioner does.

All suggestions are welcome!!!
-Amber, SC
type 2b/c, thick and wavy; modified CG routine; use a low-poo 2 or 3 times a week and cone free conditioner; currently
experimenting with different types of products

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