Summer Weave for Growth..Who else is doing it??

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HELLO curlies! I am a biracial college grad looking to grow my hair out! Earlier this year, I cut my hair in a inverted bob --- thus going fully natural :) Upon cutting my hair, i discovered that my old curls were not the same --- as my hair is ultra straight in the back, super curly on the left, and wavy on the right! I have a mixed bag of type 3 curls, and I am trying to grow it all out now! Sooo...i started rocking a wet and wavy weave at the end of March and I just got rid of that hair. My hair has since grown an inch and a half!!
When i took the weave out, my hair was so full of life! Still as shiny and healthy and my ends were even trim and undamaged! I am starting a full-on change this summer, working out and taking lots of vitamins (biotin and protein shakes included) as well as working out and eating better. I decided to buy another weave, which is straight now and rock it for a month --- then no-poo/condition/deep condition with my Devachan curl line --- and do it all again!

Is anyone else out there having the same success I am? I am looking forward to going from SL to APL or BSL by December! I plan to weave up my hair possibly until the end of summer --- but we will see how it goes. Any advice is also welcomed!

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