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My 4a hair is so frustrating to deal with, I'm now regretting taking the plunge into natural territory. I'm trying to keep with it, or at least find a happy medium. My curls are so tight, that any length I get can't been seen until I straighten it.

Can someone with 4a or 4b hair show me before and after they got a texturizer. I went natural and now I feel like I have less options than when I was relaxed. :(


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    however, I have 4a hair and it takes time and patience to figure out what you can do with your hair. Honestly, I just got a Brazilian keratin treatment because being super nappy was not for me. I couldn't do much with my hair,and on humid GOD the frizz...and I did not and do not have the money for miss jessie's products, and the friggen time it takes for that stuff to do what I want..and yet again, that stuff did not combat humidity. Shrinkage for me, is not cool. After the BKT my curls weren't really looser, but they didn't frizz and I didn't need much in the way products. i've posted a link to my first BKT below....for my second one, I went to a Dominican salon and got a much stronger treatment, so this time my curls are a LOT looser, but i dont mind. my hair is now basically wash and go and i love it...and with a BKT the friggen shine and softness doesn't compare to ANYTHING in this world.

    here is my review with a brand called Rejuvenol:

    Here is another 4a girl's review with the Brazilian Blow out brand:
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