Old school learned straight is best???

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So, finally, at age 53, I can't take it anymore! Don't have a stylist who embraces the curl, always wants to do it straight. Don't know anything about product! Don't know how to apply the right amount! Grew up in the 70's, where straight hair was worshipped. So spent all these years learning how to go straight. Help, how do I go with my natural curl?

I did the curly quiz and learned I am a 3A. I also live in a mixed weather area. Humid, rainy in the summer. Dry, cold in the winter.

And color my hair to cover gray. I have fair, ruddy skin tone so my gray is not pretty. Right now am a golden blonde with low-lights.

I have used so much product on my hair that I have felt the need to wash every day. I'm learning that just rinsing with water and conditioning might be better. My hair definitely needs conditioning.

Do I need different product? Do I need a different stylist? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
54, mix of 3a, 2b,c, with the occasional straight strand thrown in to keep things interesting. Low porosity. Very fine!

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