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i heard about the curly girl method from a friend after i had complained to her that my hair, no matter how great or expensive the product i had used, was dry, full of split ends, frizzy, etc. i had 4 inches cut to see if it would make a difference -- it did for a few weeks then the frizz reared it's ugly head once again. so, i started on the no 'poo & no 'cones & within 2 weeks my wavy, dull, dry hair had transformed into rich full curls! i could not believe it. the fact that my hair was in such a bad way was 100% my fault -- i was a fan of dying my hair at home (bad idea), using hot irons, curling irons, bleach, & a load of products that stripped my hair of anything that was good for it. my hair has always been semi wavy, & as my hair is quite thick it was always flat on top then waved along the mid section of my hair. i wouldn't have used straightening irons if it had been wavy all over, but it bothered me that it's was neither here nor there. however, since using the CGM i have gone from slightly wavy to a 2b/c :) initially i had started the CGM to rid my hair of frizz, but the fact that it has made my hair super curly (for my type of hair) is a major plus. i am a huge CG fan & i'll preach it to anyone who'll listen (i have turned 2 of my friends into CGM fanatics...just doin' my bit! lol).

right now i cowash with suave coconut, wash out with giovanni, & for a leave-in i use carol's daughter black vanilla. i also add a aloe vera for hold (fruit of the earth brand). if i get build up i usually use giovanni's tea tree.

Modified CG Lowpoo X1 a week
2B/Med porosity/Med texture
Low Poo:GTTT
Cowash:Vo5 Tea Therapy
DT: Darcy's Botanicals PS
Jessicurl WDT
Shea Moisture RCM
Stylers:Boots Pink/Dr.Bronners Style Creme
L.A Cashmere Curls Gel

I DT once a week (over night), & I do a ACV rince once a month.




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    Thanks for joining us! We're so glad to have you in our community.
    You might want to check out this article.

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    You are beautiful!

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