For those of you who transitioned but went back to a relaxer...

aprilj90aprilj90 Registered Users Posts: 17
I just have some questions for you guys! These questions are for those who didn't complete the transition process, as in they didn't BC.

1) How long did you transition before you got a relaxer?

2) How much new growth did you have before the relaxer?

3) Were there any complications while getting the relaxer? (i.e. You had to detangle your hair before getting it or a burning sensation that you normally didn't feel while getting the relaxer)

4) After the relaxer was washed out did an abnormal amount of your hair break off?

5) When you finished styling, did your hair look the same as when you always got a relaxer or was it longer, shorter, etc.

6) Were the relaxed ends that you had while transitioning any different after the relaxer?

Thanks for helping me out guys!

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