Hair Revitalizer?

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I saw this recipe in a health magazine:

1/2 cup castile soap
1/2 cup aloe vera gel
1/2 tsp jojoba gel

Apply to hair, let it sit for 10 minutes, rinse, shampoo, condition and style as usual. The mini article claimed that it would revitalize sun and chlorine dried hair.

I tried it this morning, applied it to dry shoulder length 4ab hair. I got suds out of the wazoo! LOL. I had about 1/4 cup left over. I let it rest for 15 minutes, rinsed, co-washed, DT and styled as usual. My hair was easier to detangle, it has not dried fully yet so I will report back to you when it does.

My mother used it she has wavy/curly short hair and she loved it. She applied this mixture to her hair and rinsed it out and followed it with a leave in conditioner and was very satisfied.
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