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Ian loves playing with his playmobil nativity set and he's even starting to put the main pieces of the story of the nativity/jesus's birth together. I love to watch him pose the figures how he feels the scene should play out. Last week he added two resin lions that were about as big as Joseph and looming over Baby Jesus. Yup. :shock:

Today's setup was just . . . precious. Apparently the electric slide was popular even in biblical times. Or at least that's the only explanation I could come up with when I encountered this on the dining room table:


Yes, that's the shephard and three kings all doing some sort of line dance with the angel at the end of the conga line. Now I did recall hearing him mumble something about "sit like this" and I'm guessing the very rigid plastic capes on these figurines prevented them from sitting like Mary (apparently Joseph doesn't get the privilege of sitting, don't know why). But I couldn't help and snap a quick pic of this one and promise to one day ask him when he's a grown man, "what were you thinking son?".

and just because I had them up on my PC, here's some recent shots of our guys.

This is Ryan last week and yes the turtleneck bodysuit, socks and no pants. Courtesy of daddy who apparently finds pants too hard to do at home. So now my toddler gets home and commences the stripping as part of his "settling in" routine.


this is what you get when you ask a toddler to say "cheese"



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    oh and a really cruddy birthday shot of Ian and me. This was after 2 hours of jumping in a bouncy house. We asked the kiddos to show up in PJs since it was late afternoon/evening on a Sunday night. All the parents reported success - every child fell asleep on the way home LOL:

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    Oh! Aren't they just darling!
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    So cute and they look so different from the last pics I saw. They're so grown up!
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    lol. The line dancing nativity scene is hilarious. I don't know if I have ever seen a picture of you. Very pretty.

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    You look great girl :)
    Your kiddos are so cute & getting so big!
    lol @ Ian putting lions over baby Jesus
    My hubby does the same no pants thing
    My little one has admired the figures from afar...I'm keeping them away for now...hehe
    I can't wait to see what happens when we set everything up this w/e.
    Hubby wants to wait until this w/e to set everything up :roll:

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    Awww. They are such big boys, and so precious.
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    It has been a while since we've seen pics of your kids! Ryan has grown so much. I think the last pic I saw was the one in your avatar. Ian is such a big boy now too! What cute kids you have! :D
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    Cute pics! Your boys look quite different from each other.

    The Nativity pics are too funny! I didn't know there was a Playmobil nativity - my little niece would love that!
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    aww thanks! :oops: My family has been longsuffering with the pics but I've told them that it's either I take the pics and send them late or they don't get taken at all. LOL
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    CUTE CUTE CUTE! I love this nativity line dancing and the lions! LOVE IT!
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    And you my dear look adorable!

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    THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! I love the line dancing nativity scene.. :lol:
    What neat little kids. sometimes when I see really friggin' cute kids like that, I start thinking...ooooo I kinda want one!!!!!!! :shock:
    Marielle, they are gorgeous, and so are you.
    I haven't seen a pic of you in a long time... :)

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