Good stylist near indianapolis, IN that could cut thick 3b curls and layer them?

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I was gonna do what I did last time, just get a straight cut at a salon nearby that seemed good and ask them if it would work curly, too--but I think I want to virtually give up straightening my hair whatsoever, and so I'm gonna opt for a curly style. And so I want someone who can cut curly styles, but I don't know anywhere.

I have thick hair that's already kind of layered, plus side bangs and it's long. Also, does anyone have any salon tips, like things I should check for, wet or dry cut, what to ask them to do for my bangs, and how to get hair layered so that it doesn't all look the same lenggth like a board?
I'm 15 now but I don't get on often so I may be 67 by the time you read this.
My name is Sarah.
I come on here when I want hair advice because if you type in "curly hair" anywhere, all you get is advice on how to curl it. I used to get on here a lot when I was like, 12 or 13 (and first figuring out how to stop straightening my hair without being bullied), so if you happen to see some older posts of mine, shh. No judging.

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