Should my daughter be eating more or should I not worry about it

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My 5 month old daughter eats formula, 5 times a day and 5 oz per feeding. She sleeps through the night easily so she eats about every 3 hours..sometimes she'll go a half hour longer.

My best friend has a little boy 5 days older than my daughter and he eats like 48 oz of formula a day. Is that a lot or is that normal?

My daughter just doesn't seem to want more than 5 oz a feeding, in fact sometimes she won't even finish that. Sometimes she'll also eat until the last drop is gone but then she seems satisfied and doesn't fuss for more.

Up until 5 oz it was easier to tell when we needed to up her food, but she's been stuck at 5 for quite a while now. She increased pretty quickly when she was younger but has slowed way down. Should I be trying to offer her more? Should I not worry about it and let her tell me when she wants more? She's a huge spitter and seems to spit a LOT when I give her too much, I've tried 6 oz in the past and it seems like it just came back up
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    I'm not an expert on bottlefeeding but I would say you don't need to worry. If she seems satiated and is growing fine, she's eating enough. Also, babies' growth slows down a lot around the 6-month mark so that may be why her consumption seems to have plateaued, because she doesn't need as much for growth.
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    One of the main problems with formula feeding is that it allows parents to micro-manage how many ounces a baby is eating. If she was breastfed, you would have no clue how many ounces...and it wouldn't make a difference. Other than knowing how much formula you need to buy, the number of ounces is something you really just don't need to know. I suggest you forget about counting ounces and just look at her health and development. If she's peeing and pooping fine, and meeting her developmental milestones, then don't worry about it.