Hair Paranoia :(

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today i blew out and straightened my hair all out orf curiosity, and throughout the whole process all I was thinking of is please DO NOT GET ANY HEAT DAMAGE. well later on that night I just had to wash my hair out. My is very healthy at the moment and I am lovin it but it seems like after i cowashed it after straightening was very dry and it wasn't as vibrant as it was b4 the straightening so I got to thinking how in the hect am I going to wear my hair for my senior pictures.. I really dk how I am going to get through the day w/o thinking heat damage. I loveeee my curls but my hair is still growing out and while its straightened I am at shoulder lenght, and I kinda want to wear my hair in natural style for my pics do anyone know any elongated styles I could do..

P.S- please take out the time and help me it would be greatly appreciated. ( also my hair doesn't do right with braid-outs for some reason :()

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