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Does the AO honeysuckle rose have proteins in it? I *think* I am protein sensitive...

Really I am buying it for my daughter who has stick straight super fine hair (the complete opposite of me)...I need something that is natural, not full of chemicals and conditioning for her as her hair tangles easily and I'd like for it to be something I can use too! Would the shampoo be considered a "lo-poo"? I'm wondering if I can get her used to co-washing...

any suggestiosn appreciated!
Best I can tell:
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    AOHR is protein-free. Most coarse curlies are by nature sensitive to protein (myself included!).

    But I'd caution against buying it for your daughter if she has fine straight hair. Fine hair needs more protein and less moisture. Protein helps with tangles as well. If she's the complete opposite of you, you'd probably be better off using different products :)

    And yes, AO's shampoos are low-poos. A low-poo would probably be very beneficial for her. Co-washing, not so much. My sister has straight fine hair and co-washing was a disaster for her. They don't need as much moisture as we do. She's using Giovanni's low-poos and loving them.
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    There are two types of low poos. Some are more like liquid soap and and others are more like regular shampoo/detergents. The liquid soap style is fine if you have soft water. If you have hard water they may not be a good idea. Soap + hard water= soap scum on the hair. Most of the US has hard water.
    I believe the soap style low poos say suponofied (sp?) oil on them. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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