I want 2 get Side Bangs with my Curly Hair?NEED HELP

Briana_TuiBriana_Tui Registered Users Posts: 3
I rly want 2 try side bangs but im not sure if it wuld look good. and my hair is jst straight down so i dnt know wut kinda or wut i shuld tell the hair dresser.. any suggestions? or post a pic of ur bangs.


  • GottaLoveCurlyGottaLoveCurly Registered Users Posts: 56
    I don't know. I was never fond of bangs on a curly. Mainly because I had it and it did not like it at all. It was very difficult to work with and I didn't like how it looked. Your hair is curlier than mine though, so it might look better.
    To be honest, it's all up to you. I know it sucks to do this, but you have to experiment. I experimented with short hair and hated it. So now I know I will never have short hair again.
    So, for you to know if you like it or not, you have to try it.
    Sorry for being so unhelpful.
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  • puppyluvzpuppyluvz Registered Users Posts: 28
    well, I have side bangs but I would only recommend long ones, and I have to straighten them to look good. But, my hair is more wavy then anything else so I don't know how it would look on curly girls. I would try getting longer side bangs first, and if you like it you could get them cut shorter.
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  • Briana_TuiBriana_Tui Registered Users Posts: 3
    lol it helped.. i got long side bangs.. had them 4 a week mayb there a lot of work 2 get them perfect but theyre good :p thanx!
  • animecurlsanimecurls Registered Users Posts: 18
    for bangs you'd be best getting thin bangs that come to around you're chin at least, and maybe have it sweep from a fringe on one side, but thats just an idea

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