Preggies--do you talk to your baby?

HairproductjunkieHairproductjunkie Posts: 363Registered Users
I catch myself doing this a lot, and was wondering if I am the only one...

Whenever I get a minute to myself, like when I'm driving to work, I will talk to the little one and tell him/her how much I love it, and how excited I am to be its mom, where we're going, or just whatever else is on my mind. Is it the pregnancy hormones, or do others do this as well?
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  • AmnerisAmneris Posts: 15,117Registered Users
    I do... even though it's still so early!
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  • imagenimagen Posts: 343Registered Users
    This morning when I woke up I said good morning to the baby and I was met with a barrage of squirms and kicks! It just melt my heart! :D

  • geekygeeky Posts: 4,995Registered Users
    I never did. Never felt the urge to. I wonder if it will be the same or different should I have another child.
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    I do a bit, just little things like "Ouch- what're you doing in there!" or "did you like lunch today?" but not all the time. :wink:
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    And used to read to the baby all the time too.
    Now the little one loves

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    Yes, I do. And I read aloud to it. By the time you are 4 months preggo, the baby can hear 8)
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    Not really.

    I did have a really bad fight with my boyfriend once while I was pregnant and I cried myself to sleep and told DJ-fetus I was sorry I picked such a horrible father for him. :lol:
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    I did---I even used to put headphones on my belly & play music. In utero Bets loved Bobby McFerrin & the Nutcracker Suite!!
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    DH and I both tell the baby to stop making mommy feel sick. That is about it.
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    Not really talk, but I would blare my stereo in my car and sing a lot. We had what DH and I called, "Music Appreciation" to and from work - anything from the Stones, to Eminem to Dave Matthews.

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