Nicknames for your child in the womb

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I love hearing all of the cute nicknames people have for their babies before they are born. Right now, we are calling ours "Douglina." :lol: My father, who knows that we have names picked out, and whose first name is Douglas, jokingly commented that if it's a boy, we should name it Douglas, and if it's a girl, Douglina. That makes me smile every time I say it, and it's kind of stuck.

So...sweet pea, peanut..what do/did you call your little one?
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    Emma was "lima bean" and Colin was "thumper."
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    Xander was "Twitch." He moved an insane amount. You know how they tell you to do kick counts and you want to get ten or so in an hour. I could get ten from him in under a minute. I worried at one point that he was having seizures or something because he moved so darn much.

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    We jokingly call her April May, April for the month she is due and May because she was conceived in Cape May. Before we knew she was a girl we would call her bean or the blob because thats what she looked like in her first ultrasound picture. :P

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    I call him "little baby."
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    I never had one
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    We always called B the "sea monkey"
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    In my first and early second trimesters, was sending weekly updates comparing the baby to things like sweetpotatoes, zuchinnis... (for size) and I would call the baby whatever food item it was that week.

    Now that it's bigger, and we know it's a boy, most of the time we call it BBC - for BabyBoyC(lastname).
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    My daughter was called the lizard because that's what she looked like in her first US (around 7 weeks - I had some early problems that all turned out fine.) At that point in the baby's developement, the head and spinal cord have formed but they are too big for the body, so the baby has a "tail" which later shifts upwards as the body grows to catch up and the hips form :lol:

    This go around, we called the baby "the alien" because of the saucer eyes, huge head in the first US pics. After the second US, we just call it the baby. My daughter (9) calls it the Karate Kid :lol:
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    until we knew she was a girl (and chose her name) we called her shemp. It came from when I was throwing up daily & joking that there were 17 babies in there (huey dewey, louie, curly, larry, moe, shemp, etc)
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    no name
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    :oops: Um, we called her The Parasite for a REALLY long time. I stopped when I mentioned this nickname to my shrink and he said, "Well, really, you ought to reserve that name for such a time as she's thirty-five, unemployed, and still living in your basement."
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    Actually I think he was the little alien for a while, because he looked like an alien on the US.
    To Trenell, MizKerri and geeky:
    I pray none of you ever has to live in a communist state.

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