Unnatural Colors and 3B/3C/4A hair...please help!

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For the longest time, I have wanted to put a big streak of green at the front of my hair (I wear a side part and the hair that would be green is the part that hangs around my eye, so imagine it if you will). I figure, hey, I'm 19, I may as well play with this stuff while I still have the time. I have a few concerns though.

1) My hair is very dark brown, so I know that there would be bleaching involved. Just how much curl do I stand to lose if I bleach this one section? Will it make my hair a drastically different texture than the rest of it (not as if I don't have that problem already, w/ 3 different hair textures as it is).

2) I know that things like this shouldn't be done at home, if possible, but I'm not seeing another option. I know that it's wrong for me to assume that a white stylist wouldn't know what to do with my hair or that a black stylist wouldn't be willing to help me, but when it comes to who's delaing with my hair, I get paranoid. :oops: :cry: I also wouldn't know where to find a stylist if my life depended on it, or what questions to ask.

3) If I end up having to do it myself (though I don't trust myself with bleach) , do you have any tips?

Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated!
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    If all you desire is a streak of green at the front, I say do it at home unless you have a stylist whom you trust.

    Here's what you need:

    1. A bottle of 20 vol. developer. Do NOT get a stronger volume.

    2. Cut some foil into strips a la foils at a salon. You will be wrapping your hair in this.

    3. Powder bleach.

    4. Green hair dye. I suggest Special Effects brand. If you cannot find it, go with Manic Panic.

    5. Mix the bleach and developer in a ration of 1:1. An ounce of bleach, an ounce of developer. Isolate the section you want to bleach out, lay a strip of foil underneath, and apply with brush from roots to ends until saturated. It is best to work with small sections of the hair at a time so the entire section is covered. Lay another strip of foil over the top and secure it closed.

    6. Check your results after 30 minutes. Remember that bleach is deceptive and it often looks lighter with the bleach still on. Wipe a bit off with a towel to check the color. Your end goal is a yellow tone. You don't need to bleach up to pale yellow, but you have to break orange. If after 45 minutes it hasn't broken orange, rinse with water, dry, and apply again. Then check it every 10 minutes or so.

    7. After the hair is bleached, shampoo thoroughly but do not condition. Dry the hair. Again, lay a strip of foil under the section and paint the color on. Cover with another strip of foil and secure it closed. For best results, I would leave it on 2 hours. This is semi-permanent dye and it takes a while for these shades to really grab into the hair.

    8. Rinse dye out with cool water. Condition. Dry.

    9. I would sleep on pillowcases you don't mind getting dye on for the first few days. Remember, the less you shampoo the more vivid your hair will stay.

    Good luck!

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