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Hello everyone.

Since joining this site my hair looks better than it ever has. I was curious about the ingredients in the products I've been using and so decided to check it out. Problem is I CAN'T SEE THE FREAKIN' PRINT on the bottles! Even with my reading glasses the print is so eensy beensy that I can't read it. Is it me or did the print get smaller on shampoo bottles.


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    It's crazy, isn't it? Maybe the print is smaller! It's certainly is hard to read - even with contacts....
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    I feel like either they don't want us to read what's in the product, or it costs them less money to print tiny. But it's annoying!
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    Geez, I thought it was just me!! I usually play up the old lady act and ask a nice young person to help me read them! I swear some of those ingredients lists look like thin black lines! Sometimes I wonder if there really are any words printed there at all!
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    It's crazy! Ever notice that the text for ingredients is a different font than the rest of the text? It's smaller than the rest of the text on the bottle and it's smooshed!

    I have one of these magnifying bookmarks. I'm going to carry it in my purse so I'll have it whenever the PJ comes out in me! Bwa ha ha - they can't stop us!!!!
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    Sounds like it's time to see an eye doctor! This is the age when people develop presbyopia, and closeup vision becomes distorted. If store bought reading glasses don't help, then you need to have regular optically ground reading glasses. If you don't want to do that, there are small magnifiers you can carry in your purse. I'm thinking of getting one so I can read the labels on makeup. I have glasses, but the ingredients on makeup labels is REALLY small!
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    I carry a pair of extra-strong reading glasses in my purse specifically for label-reading... :)
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    Yes, I'm one of those presbyopic ladies who stares at the bottles all googly-eyed, moving the bottle back and forth, bobbing my head up and down to look through the bottom part of my progressive bifocal glasses telling myself the whole time "I'm not old, I'm NOT old, I'm NOT OLD! These letters are just way too TEENY!" :glasses9:
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    I have a feeling they just don't want you to be able to read it. Not only is the print too small to be read with normal eyesight or with reading glasses, the bottles are
    shiny, or the ink doesn't contrast enough to be read. My new rule: If I can't read the label, I don't buy it.
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    i cant read labels either. nor can i decipher those little codes on the websites you have to decipher so they know you are a person and not a spambot. i feel like a cranky old coot complaining that the print is too small on everything. luckily reading glasses are only $1 at the dollar store!
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    Totally off-topic: Sarai, I LOVE your hair! It's absolutely gorgeous, the colour is beautiful. I hope mine looks so good someday (I love the idea of going grey!)
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    likethegum wrote: »
    Totally off-topic: Sarai, I LOVE your hair! It's absolutely gorgeous, the colour is beautiful. I hope mine looks so good someday (I love the idea of going grey!)

    Thanks! To be honest, when I first saw one of those pics of me in full sunlight, I was shocked - my hair still looks darker indoors in the mirror - but have grown to enjoy the effect. :)
    Be here now. Be somewhere else later.

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