Getting Rejuvenol Tomorrow and have some questions :-)

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Hi, I'm new here but was hoping you ladies could help me out. I have naturally curly hair. In 2006 I got Japanese Thermal Straightening (CHI) and ever since then my hair has been wavy mostly and curly some days. Fast forward to 2009: I had a baby and my hair was even less curly and more stringy/wavy. It was in between and hard to do both curly and straight. So about three weeks ago I decided to get a perm to bring back my curl. I went to a new salon. The result was damaged, frizzy hair. It was worse than when I went it. Sure it's curly but it's an uncontrollable frizz ball that looks horrible.

I decided to go to a slightly expensive salon for a consult for a BKT because I think this will really help with the damage and smooth out my super kinky curls. The stylist that's doing it reiterated the fact that this treatment WILL NOT straighten my hair. I'm totally fine with that, I just want it to reduce frizz.

My questions are:

1) In your experience, what can I expect from this treatment? Less curl? Straight? Just a frizz reduction?
2) Will I be able to air dry my hair and have it be wearable (whether it's curly or straight or wavy)?
3) What types of styling products can I and should I use on it?
4) What ingredients do I need to avoid?
5) Are there any drugstore brands of shampoo/conditioner/deep treatments/styling products that I will be able to use instead of the expensive salon products?
6) The salon I'm going to has a formaldehyde free product, a 1% formaldehyde product, and one that has a slightly higher %. They also have the 24 hour BKT. Which one is the best and which will have the longest lasting effects?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to be well informed. Thank you!


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    Hi Nannypantz,

    I don't have alot of the answers, but thought I would try and help out. I never tried Rejuvenol, but have had the coppola brand and also a 24 hour keratin treatment (la brasiliana). I believe that the longer lasting keratins have more formalehyde in them. My hair has becomes less curly and frizzy from all the treatments, it is not straight. The major ingredient to avoid is anything with sodium chloride in it. The ingredients listed on shampoos and condish are so confusing and seem to require a chemist to figure out exactly what they are. I would ask the hair salon for their suggestions. The follow-up shampoo may be expensive, but at least you know what is safe. I bought the Copolla shampoo and condish after the first keratin treatment, but do not care for it. I have used Loreal everpure line as a drug store brand, but I'm not sure if that is the best.

    As far as styling products, I am currently using the Copolla keratin infusion cream and biolage gel. I use moroccan oil on second and third day hair. I don't blow dry or flat iron, so I am just airdrying with these products.

    Good luck with your appt - let us know how it goes!
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    pm me and I'll fill you in!
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