Hairdressers in Adelaide...

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Anybody know of a good salon in Adelaide, SA? I moved here from the UK 18 months ago and I've tried a few, but haven't found any that I want to go back to.....


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    Yay, another Adelaidean and a pom too (I've been here 19 years now)!

    I've never found a hairdresser I'm really happy with, unfortunately. Last year I started going to Coco's up in Stirling as a curly colleague of mine goes there but I'm starting to have second thoughts now. The first time I went he cut it really well (dry cut - brownie points) and talked and explained as he went but the cut didn't suit me so the next time I went he cut a better style but cut it wet and I ended up with straggly bits at the back. Went again and this time he straightened it before he cut it which I thought was odd and although it looked ok straight, when it's curly (most of the time) it just looks style-less. I don't know what to do, especially since my colleague is also having doubts about him so I know it's not just me! It's just such a pain having to try different places - how many bad haircuts do we have to suffer?!
    I've been thinking of trying Axia down Rundle Street, heard good things in the past about them and spoke to one of the owners ages ago when I went to buy something. They do consults so at least you'd get a feel for them first.
    Sorry, that wasn't much help, I feel your pain.
    3b in South Australia.
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    Oh, that's not good! Let me know how you get on at the other place!
    I must admit that I always ask for my hair to be straightened when I have it cut, mainly because I'm never happy when someone else tries to dry it curly and I like to be able to see the shape and work out for myself how it'll look curly. At the moment it's quite long, but it's in a 'straight hair style' and that means I always tie it back when I wear it curly and I want to stop doing that!....Stop tying it up, not stop wearing it curly ;0)

    I'll just have to keep an eye out for curly haired hairdressers, or think about re-training?!

    Where did you move from?
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    Yeah, I've taken to having mine straightened at the hairdressers for the same reason, or else I'll just leave with it wet - my idea of styling and diffusing appears to be poles apart from theirs! Just had a problem with him straightening it before cutting that last time.

    Just having a conversation with another colleague, also from the UK who says she can't find a decent colourist here, so it's not just us curlies suffering.

    I lived in Morecambe before coming here, how about you? Have you settled ok?
    3b in South Australia.
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    Hello all. I haven't had ok experiences either. If someone can recommend a good place that will be appreciated it. I went to Beach Street hair in Grange, but my hair was cut uneven. I also got recently layering at DAS in the CBD, it was ok, but the way the layering is done is to obvious, you can see two hair lengths, which is not ideal at all.
    Any help will be extremely appreciate it. Also, if you know a place where to buy hair products, to get them I always have to go online and end up paying to much for shipping.
    Thanks a ton!
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    I gave up looking for a curly specialist and just went to a local salon and kept my fingers crossed! I've been seeing her for a few years now and am pretty happy, she's not a curl specialist and sometimes I have a little freak out when I watch her cutting, but it always turns out well, probably the most style I've ever had to my hair. She's at Hallett Cove, whereabouts are you?
    For products I mostly shop at Go Vita and Price Attack at Marion, though I do buy some stuff from iherb as they have really good shipping rates.
    3b in South Australia.