Canadian places for dry(extreme dry) hair...HELP !

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I need help badly, my hair is extremely dried out, its so bad that it doesnt curl anymore and i think i have some breakage issues. Every post deals with USA products order online and i cannot do that. I want something that will work for my hair problem, thats avaiable here(toronto, canada) and not to expensive. Any tips, places, products would be helpful!!

Also has anyone tried the new Pantene line?....Pro- Restoratives and how about Tresemme?


  • heavengirl410heavengirl410 Registered Users Posts: 821
    you could try jessicurls DT recipe: 1 can of coconut milk, a banana, an avocado, 1TB of honey, and 1TB of olive oil. Blend it up extremely well, makes plenty, you can freeze what you don't use. Also you can use the search button and search
    dry hair
    deep treatments
    and maybe you can find some thing that is available to you in Canada. You could also post this in the general board, it gets alot of hits. HTH
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    Call 905 627 9379 and for products and free advice by phone and email. Curly Hair specialists -will ship nationally.
    Wash: The occasional DevaCurl NoPoo
    CoWash: Hot Water & scrubbing, then DevaCurl One Condition or DevaCurl Heaven in Hair
    Condition: DevaCurl OneCondition, or DevaCurl Heaven in Hair
    Deep Condition: DevaCurl Heaven in Hair at least once a week
    Styling: DevaCurl ArcAngel, lots and lots of it on really drippy wet hair then a quick blot w/ Aquis Towel
    Drying: Clipped, or hidden Bobby Pins in Crown and Natural Dry or DevaSunDryer or Hood Dryer
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    Natural since Jan 2,07
    I did a BC
    Hair type:3C\3B
    Multi-racial hair
    Hair length:Started at neck and ears(in its curly state).In Dec 08 (2 years natural) My hair was somewhere near armpit length with bentonite clay in my hair.

    Mission: to obtain healthy hair every day!!

    Hair products:homemade products.....

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    I buy my products at the Curly Hair Institute . It is located in Toronto.
  • manuelsbabemanuelsbabe Registered Users Posts: 21
    holly8 wrote:
    One thing I noticed strange about that company is although canadian orders are shipped from toronto,and the canadian dollar is at par basically canadians pay 3.00 more on average for each product
    I am in toronto as well and go to Curly Hair Institute
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    SHEA BUTTER!!! I put raw shea butter - available at most afrocentric stores, I get mine from Kensington market - all over my hair every night to ensure moisture retention, and Deva curls heaven in hair mask which is available at the curl ambassadors together are life saviors.
    3c/4a. Very Fine and Thin.
    Moisturizers: QB Burdock Root butter creme, Curl Junkie, Abba Pure Gentle leave-in
    Styling Products: Curls Souffle, Curl Junkie Coffee Creme
    Curl Cremes: Jessicurl Confident Coils
    Conditioners: Deva Curl One, Mixed Chics DC, Nature's Gate Biotin
    DT:AO Honeysuckle Rose, Coconut oil.

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