Keratin and Color

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I had my hair colored the day of my keratin treatment, but now I need to have the color retouched. I use to be able to go three months in between color services, but those darn greys are getting so much worse now! I hate to do anything to wash out some of the keratin - does anyone get their hair colored in between treatments and do you notice a huge change in the keratin? I would still be going to the salon for the color, but wondering if I am just washing away my keratin money.
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    i have had the coppola keratin treatment done twice in the past year and noticed that having my hair colored after the fact had an effect. the first time i had the keratin done -- i had my hair colored 3 weeks later. basically it was as if i never had the treatment done. the second time i had the kertatin done i waited 2 months before having my color done. my hair was smooth and pretty much frizz free until i had the color done. i asked my sytlist who did the keratin and my color if this could be the reason and she said it is possible that the color does strip away some of the keratin. but as i have also learned everyone is different -- this was my experience. woudl love to hear from others.
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    The color should always be done the same day as the Treatment, the BKT will seal the color, it keeps it sealed and wont fade as fast. When doing touch-ups as often as every 2 weeks, is possible. You are only treating the "new" growth...there is no keratin to strip, you are only treating roots.

    When "changing" color Marcia recommends waiting 2-3 weeks, after shampooing at least 4 times, this will give you even coverage, the BKT seales the cuticle of the hair and coloring hair too soon will give you "patchy" results.

    When you apply color you open the cuticle and you will loose most of the BKT.

    It is important to repeat the BKT inmmediately after a color process. Coordinate with your stylist your color service, do it the same day you plan your BKT, retouch roots as often as necessary and every 3-4 months when you "refresh" color from roots to ends or re-do highlights it can coincide with your repeat treatments of BKT.
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    Thanks for the info. It would be so much easier if I didn't have these grey roots now. I am so happy with the results of the keratin treatment and I hate the fact I have to compromise it with coloring. Trade one set of problems for another! I think I am going to live with my greys for a bit and have the keratin and color done together. I'll see how long I can stand it.
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    I've gotten the Keratin treatment 2 times so far. Both times, I got just my roots colored about 2 weeks after I got the treatment done (I get my roots done every 5-6 weeks).

    I've never had a problem with color affecting the treatment. Good luck!!
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