Just got the Brazilian Blowout!

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So, I wanted the same results that Michelle (from Naturally Curly.com) got. I had no interest in straightening my hair (did that for 30 years and have finally learned to love, love, love my curls!) I definitely wanted to keep my 3-b/c curls but wanted less frizz and that exactly what I got.

It's been one week and I really like it! It's not really straighter at all, just softer with less frizz. It's still definitely 3-b/c. The only part that really loosened were my bangs, but that works too! Now my 2nd and 3rd day hair looks even better. Heck, today I'm on 4th day hair and wearing it down. I can also let it blow in the wind without worry about it looking really crazy/frizzy.

Anyway, Just wanted to report, since it seems like some people are getting weird results from the BB. My stylist said that there are definitely shops out there substituting other product for BB, so be careful and make sure your stylist is certified, experienced and using the true product.
3B, with some 3C

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