Questions about CG method and if it's right for me??

Don'tEatMyCookieDon'tEatMyCookie Posts: 3Registered Users

I'm kinda new to this site and I was thinking about using the CG method. I've seen the before and after pics and everyone's hair look TERRIFIC.

What is it exactly?

How do u do it?

Do you use a shampoo or not?

Where can I find the products if I'm from Canada?

Please And Thank You


  • puppyluvzpuppyluvz Posts: 28Registered Users
    you really should just buy the book called Curly Girl, it explains everything.
    *2b/2c wave/curl things
    fine hair, low porosity

    I NEED HELP!!!

    experimenting to find a routine:bounce:

    my hair always seems to look good wet, but as soon as it dries it's all frizz and no curl!
    Cowash: Suave Tropical Coconut, Suave Green Apple

    Condish: Loreal vive pro nutri gloss for wavy/curly hair as a condish, GVP conditioning balm

    Styling: Totally twisted curl scrunching gel, Got 2 Be spiked up, aussie tizz no frizz gel
  • kellygreen49kellygreen49 Posts: 625Registered Users
    You have to read up. There is a lot of self learning.

    Start there ;)
    3A~fine texture
    Cleanser: GiovanniTTTT, Deva Low Poo
    Condish: Deva One C, GiovanniTTTT, GVP Balm
    Styler: Deva ArcANGELL, HESMU, AG Mousse Gel
    Want to try: CJ Gellie, Hand Dry Hair Glove, BRHG
    I <3 second day hair :iconbiggrin:
    Call me a Curltalk Otaku. ~MirCurls
    PW curlyhair

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