like rose in titanic

Shelbynicole91Shelbynicole91 Posts: 72Registered Users
ok so my hair is naturally curlier in the front of my head than in the back, like my hairs looks basically like roses in titanic only not as many layers in the front, i want to get it layerd but my hairs naturaully curlier in the front, and it gets curlier the shorter it is, so if i got it cut only in the front for layers, it would be like waaaay curlier, would i have to like use a curling iron to kinda straighten the front? or what? if you have layers, arent they curlier than the rest of your hair?


  • Shelbynicole91Shelbynicole91 Posts: 72Registered Users
    haha my avvie gave me the idea on how to describe my hair, im like omg how do i describe these crazy curls, o ya! haha cause my mom always said her hair reminded her of mine, lol, o well tryin to paint a visual picture for you guys
  • monica19monica19 Posts: 5Registered Users
    like this?

    3b curls. :)
  • Shelbynicole91Shelbynicole91 Posts: 72Registered Users
    eh, mines curlier than that, but ya basiclly thats how i want mine to work, like in the first picture, i just need to figure out how to style it like that, and get it cut, im just afraid the front will be one big poof ball, its like the 1st picture, thats pretty much how the back of my hair looks, ahh i would post a picture if i knew how! lol
  • Shelbynicole91Shelbynicole91 Posts: 72Registered Users
  • Shelbynicole91Shelbynicole91 Posts: 72Registered Users
    wow dude that pic came out alot bigger than i wanted, well thats my hair (part of it) lol, thats not the real curly part, lol, ya cant see the front
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    You have a much tighter curl pattern then that actress's hair; you look about 3b and she looks about 2b.
    This said, there isnt much you can do to loosen your curls unless you wanted to put clips on your hair everyday to weigh your hair down or get a chemical treatment (which i STRONGLY hope you dont consider because it severely damages hair).
    Personally I think your hair looks gorgeous in that picture, and you shouldnt fix what isnt broken.
    if you need any more help you can pm me :]

    Growing out hair to a little above bsl
    pw: ringlets
  • Shelbynicole91Shelbynicole91 Posts: 72Registered Users
    aw thanks :) and i would never chemiclly do that to my hair, and im not really trying to "fix" it, its just that i think it looks a little wierd because its all curlier in the front, and thats even by kinda cliping it, i just totally love the back of my hair, but the front drives me nuts, lol

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