Just whipped up a delicious low-carb meal and thought I'd sh

CurlyLaurenCurlyLauren Posts: 18Registered Users
I just made this up as I went along.

Sauteed 2 slices of pancetta (could use other bacon) and added some minced garlic. Added chopped leeks (could use sliced onions) and salt and cooked until soft. Then added some torn escarole (could use kale, spinach, etc) and chopped fresh sage and cooked it down. Then added some aspagagus that had been steamed(but still crisp) and heated through with some canned diced tomatoes, covered, on a low flame. Uncovered, and turned flame up to cook out excess liquid; actually added a bit of flour at this point to thicken it up into a sauce. Then I poured it all into a hot, shallow bowl, sprinkled with grated fontina and more chopped sage, and covered for just a minute until the cheese was melted. Ground some fresh pepper over it and ate.

It came out soooo delish. Just thought it might be a good idea for you low-carb people. icon_smile.gif


  • oogmonsteroogmonster Posts: 9Registered Users
    Sounds great! I love tomatoes & spinach together. Has anyone who's watching the carb intake tried chopped steamed cauliflower "potatoes"
    Just use a masher, add butter salt pepper & cream to chopped steamed cauliflower- it really helps get over the fact that you can't have the real thing.
    ~You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

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