How long does it take a synthetic makeup brush to dry?

AmandaSewiAmandaSewi Registered Users Posts: 1
I have the long handled kabuki brush from Everyday Minerals and I need to wash it, but I need to know how long it takes to dry. I only have this one brush, so if it takes too long I won't be able to put on my makeup the next day.
If I get it wet and wash it does anyone have any idea about how long it would take to dry?


  • mrspoppersmrspoppers Registered Users Posts: 7,223 Curl Novice
    Overnight/12 hours should be long enough but if you want to be safe, wash it after using it in the morning and it will definitely be dry by the next morning. Be sure and dry it with the bristles facing down. If you face the bristles up, water will pool in the base of the brush and ruin it.
  • The New BlackThe New Black Registered Users Posts: 16,754 Curl Connoisseur
    Yeah, overnight should be plenty. After washing/rinsing your brush, just squeeze (don't rub) out the excess water using a clean towel or paper towel. I dry my brushes flat on a rack, so air can circulate.
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  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Registered Users Posts: 31,259 Curl Connoisseur
    If you only have one brush, definitely wash it in the morning after you've used it, and it will be dry by the next morning. I dry my brushes lying down, with the brush heads hanging off the edge of the bathroom counter.

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